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About Uslion


    Uslion provides an extensive range of 3A and Flat Magnetic USB Charging Cables, Flash LED Magnetic Cables and Car USB Charger that are easy to carry, durable, stylish and offered in competitive prices.  The brand has continued to strive for success by understanding what its consumers and business clients need. Filling the market gap by offering a broad range of the latest accessories for multiple devices (iPhone and Android), through its excellent customer service, Uslion is committed to provide authentic and useful products and product advice to customers through its website. Thus, the brand seeks to deliver products that not only support consumer’s mobile devices but also make them look trendy with advanced accessories.             

    Ever since the launch of its website, Uslion has turned out to be consumers go-to online store to seek purchase advice and a variety of diverse consumer electronics along with mobile phone accessories needed for everyday use. 

    The new generation, alloy protected magnetic cable connectors can be used as a dust plug and extend the life of the electronic device. In addition, it is mainly known for the minimized damage it will do to the USB port, preventing frequent connections, pulling and withstand repeated bending. The metal port along with nylon braid wire makes the product durable and resistible to any kinks and entanglement.

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